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Surviving's not enough! We've got to fight!
— Walker

Elijah Walker, who is referred to simply as Walker, is one of the eight playable Cleaners in Back 4 Blood. He is a seasoned veteran who brings his vast experience in warfare to the table, and shoulders the responsibility of ensuring that everyone he cares about makes it out alive.

Official description

The oldest of five siblings, Elijah Walker was born in Evansburgh to a hardworking, blue collar family. The former Army Ranger and war-torn veteran is highly skilled with a wealth of front-line combat experience. Walker is a man of few words, but when he speaks, he commands the attention of his fellow Cleaners, who all respect his commitment to the fight.[1]


The following traits are being granted to Walker with his Cleaners card:

Precision kills increase Walker's Accuracy by 20% for 5 seconds.

+ 10 Team Health

+ 10% Damage

Start with a Frag Grenade


Walker has a beard and baseball cap that he wears facing backwards. He wears gloves, boots and a backpack, all desert colored. He wears a military shawl, military dog tags, a blue long sleeved shirt, a tactical belt and cargo pants with knee pads.


Walker shows himself to be the leader of team, keeping his allies in check and constantly reminding them of the situations that they are facing or ones that they will soon have to. He's always alert in case trouble arrives and tries his best to make sure that his allies know about them. He believes that he must lead his teammates to safety and takes it upon himself to decide what is best for the team.

Developer comments

In the video "Back 4 Blood - Breakdown of All 8 Playable Characters (Meet the Cleaners)"[2] by media news outlet IGN lead writer Simon Mackenzie and co-founder and creative director Phil Robb at Turtle Rock Studios did a breakdown of all eight playable Cleaners in Back 4 Blood.

The following quotes are shortened versions of the comments they've made about Walker's character:

Walker was one of the first characters I was actually started writing and I wanted him to be "the rock".

He's the one who will have the plan, he'll see the way through and he'll guide people and make sure his team get there.
And he cares deeply about everybody on his team and some ways I wanted to avoid that hard macho guy and I wanted him to be there for everybody.

Him and Mom are basically the de facto leaders of our cleaner team and that kind of caring goes through both those characters.
— Simon Mackenzie, Lead Writer at Turtle Rock Studios

It's safe to say he's like the warrior archetype, ex-military. He was actually on leave whenever the apocalypse happened.
So he brings the skill and the experience from "real world combat".
— Phil Robb, Co-Founder/Creative Director at Turtle Rock Studios

In the recent "Turtle Rock Studios Back 4 Blood Art Blast"[3] on character concept artist Gue Yang shared information about the design of Walker's appeareance.

Walker is one of the First Cleaners I designed with Direction from Phil Robb and Mike Brainard.
We initially had more civilian/casual designs in the early version but found middle ground.
— Gue Yang, Character Concept Artist




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