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The Vendor is a shop system within the Campaign-Mode in Back 4 Blood.
These vendor crates are owned and run by the Keystone Salvage Consortium (KSC) to support the Cleaners in their fight against the Ridden.

Players can browse the goods in the vicinity of these crates to improve their chances of completing the mission.
As long as the door of a Saferoom or the webbing in the entrance zone of a Ridden Hive has not been unlocked or opened, players can use the services of these vendors without a time limit.

After the starting zone is no longer safe, the vendor is closed after a while, which serves to prevent players from running across the level to acquire more items. This tactic worked up until the open beta phase, but was removed after the official release of the game.

Vendor content

A KSC vendor crate inside a saferoom.

The assortment ranges from various items that players can acquire by means of Copper (Copper). With the exception of the upgrade offers, players can access the entire assortment in both the Campaign and the Ridden Hives, provided they have enough Copper.

Cleaners cannot purchase upgrades for their team while exploring the Ridden Hives.
The KSC vendor crates feature the following items that can be purchased via Copper:


Team Upgrades

  • The KSC Vendor Shop offers for 1.500 Copper randomly two team upgrades with which the Cleaners can either increase the carrying capacity of their Accessories or improve the quality of them.
  • In addition, Cleaners can purchase the following upgrades for 1.000 Copper each:
    • Team Health (+ 10 Team Health)
    • Team Ammo (+ 10% Team Ammo Capacity
      + 10% Team Damage)
    • Team Stamina (+ 10 Team Stamina
      + 5% Team Stamina Regen)


Main article: Weapons

  • This category randomly offers two weapons and two weapon attachments.
    The prices as well as the quality of these goods may vary.


Main article: Accessories

  • All Accessories (Offensive, Support, Quick) are available in this category.
    These items can be randomly offered at a discount.