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The Stinger is a fragile long-range attacker that can fire a barrage of small projectiles.
— Stinger description

The Stingers (also known as the Chasers) are four-armed mutated zombies. They belong to the Stinger family of the Ridden, which also include the Stalker, Hocker, and Urchin variants. All Stinger variants are very agile; they can jump far and cling to walls.

Official description:

This Ridden is able to traverse many surfaces, hiding in the shadows. Better watch your six. If they pin you with their phlegm, you'll need a teammate to assist or the breakout card.


All Stingers are very fast and mobile, much more so in comparison to other Ridden, and use their speed to leap from point-to-point before attacking the Cleaners. With the exception of Stalkers, Stingers are primarily long-ranged enemies and have less health than other Mutations.

The Stinger variant has a ranged projectile attack that briefly slows a target and causes a temporary blinding effect that obscures the target's vision, as well as a leap that allows it to cover ground quickly and cling to walls.


Icon Mutation Ranged Attack.png

Ranged Attack
—Rapid-fire ranged projectile attack that slows down with each shot.
The Stinger spits its acidic phlegm at a Cleaner. The attack has long range and will disorientate the affected Cleaner for a short time.
When the Stinger is using this ability rapidly, an Icon Mutation Ranged Attack Slow.png-icon is displayed at the bottom of the screen along with the number of stacks while playing this Mutation.

Icon Mutation Leap.png

—Leap long distances and cling to walls.
The Stinger jumps from one location to another to mobilize across the map and can cling to walls to evade melee attacks.

Upgrades (Swarm Mode only):

For the Stinger/Hocker/Stalker/Urchin upgrades see it here


  • Stay alert. The Stinger is, by far, the most mobile of the Ridden and can traverse long distances quickly and effectively. Unlike most other Ridden, Stingers will actively try to maintain distance from the players and will primarily attack from afar (the Stalker is the only exception to these methods). Tag the Stinger to not lose sight of it; it can prove to be a nuisance if left alive. The Stinger also makes a distinct coughing noise to announce its presence and will usually attack the players from the rear, so be ready to turn around if it doesn't immediately show up.
  • Wait for the chance to strike. The aerial mobility of the Stinger makes it difficult to hit while it's on the move. Wait for it to stay still, such as when it clings to a wall, and then open fire; it should not take too many shots to kill, especially when aiming for its weakspot.
  • Aim for the chest. The Stinger has a distinct growth right at the centre of its body that presents a visible weak point. Keep shooting at it for an effective kill, though the aforementioned speed of the Stinger can make this difficult.


  • Due to their high agility and similar strategies, the Stingers bear a striking resemblance to Hunters from the Left 4 Dead series.
  • The Hocker resembles as Smokers with their ability to pin Cleaners and reduce their health as long as they remain pinned, and eventually killing them should they continue to attack uninterrupted.
    • The Stalker resembles as Jockeys with their ability to leap, grab, and drag Cleaners away/separate from their team. Exception that the Stalker jump higher than the Jockey.
  • On the game trailer, it was that the Stinger used the Hocker's Harpoon ability, which it didn't happen during the real game.
  • Both the Hocker and Stinger share the same health pool in every difficulty, except in swarm mode.
  • "Chaser" is the internal development name for Stingers and the whole family.