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Snitchs are long-necked mutated Ridden. Once startled by Cleaners, they'll scream and alert the horde. Mutated varieties from corruption cards will always trigger a horde.

Official description

This Ridden creates a deafening screech when aggro'd, and will trigger a horde of Ridden with their scream.


Snitches will either roam an area or remain idle until disturbed by sound or engaged by the player. Upon being triggered, they will begin to scream summoning a horde. If it is killed before this happens this does not occur apart from the mutated types.


  • Snitches are considered unaware and will take increased damage from suppressed weapons.
  • Plain Snitchers can be killed by explosives such as an upgraded Frag Grenade.
  • Flashbangs will stun them temporarily giving you time to get close with a shotgun and finish them off
  • Combined fire from your team can easily destroy a single Snitch.
  • They are blind. use this to your advantage. If you shoot away from it while it is nearby, it will wander to your last position.
  • Melee weapons can stagger the Snitch, preventing it from screaming.


  • The Snitcher's mechanic of screaming to alert the horde is very similar to Screamers that were cut from the first Left 4 Dead game. It seems Turtle Rock found a way of utilizing their old concept.
  • They are completely blind. In spite of this, they can still be affected by flashbangs
  • Currently, Bots will always fire upon a marked snitch and this does trigger a horde minus the alert.