Back 4 Blood Wiki

There are three difficulty levels in Back 4 Blood. Each level refers to the difficulty of the campaign, and each is drastically different than the others.


Recruit is the easiest of the three. This mode is recommended for beginners and those who want to try new strategies.


Players have additional Health, Ammo, Extra Strikes, and Trauma Resistance.
Players deal more damage to the Ridden.
Players gain extra healing and trauma recovery between saferooms.
No Friendly Fire
2 Continues


Veteran is for more experienced players. It is harder than Recruit, and there are more Mutations to spawn.


35% Friendly Fire
1 Continue

Other Changes

  • When a Sleeper is triggered, they will summon a horde.


Nightmare is the toughest difficulty of the three. It is not at all recommended for the inexperienced or impatient, as it may take many tries for players to complete a single chapter.


Players have 1 less Strike.
Players take additional Trauma damage while Incapacitated.
Ridden have increased Health and Damage.
60% Friendly Fire
1 Continue