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Cards is a gameplay feature in Back 4 Blood. This "roguelike" card system allow to create different experiences each and every time, putting player in control to craft custom decks, roll different builds, and undertake more demanding fights. There are corruption cards chosen by the Director and active cards that offer the player an opportunity to pick some useful special perks. In the cooperative mode, players unlock additional cards from the Supply Lines system. For PvP, all players always have all cards unlocked for fairness.

There are 61 active cards available in the Back 4 Blood Closed Alpha.

Corruption cards

The Director draws unique cards at the outset of every single level. Corruption cards apply various randomized game parameters related to the Ridden, the weather, etc, and these cards stack additional dangers with every passing chapter.

Active cards

After the Director picks their cards, player will draw three cards and can pick one of them. Active cards allow the player to pick various special perks which can be broken up into four categories called "Reflex" (blue), "Discipline" (red), "Brawn" (green), and "Fortune" (yellow). The cards are also split into four types: Offense, Defense, Utility, and Mobility. The player should choose active cards wisely to counter corruption and have more chances to win.

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