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Breakers are powerful Boss Mutations in Back 4 Blood.


Breakers are powerful Ridden that spawn in scripted events as well as randomly via corruption cards, they are very large and powerful Ridden capable of leaping about the battlefield smashing Cleaners to death, they have strong AoE based attacks that hit a large radius and typically in scripted events will coincide with The Swarm which will help the Breaker by boxing the Cleaners into a even tighter space however have long pauses in-between certain attacks and can be gunned down quickly.


  • Bring the boom. A common strategy for boss fights, the Breaker can be quickly defeated with Frag Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, Propane Tanks and other explosives.
  • Concentrate Fire. The Breaker is fairly frail compared to the Ogre and can be quickly gunned down due to long pauses after certain attacks, it's also best to kill it as quick as possible in the case of The Swarm boxing players in making things harder as the fight goes on.


  • The Swarm interestingly only really spawns when fighting Breakers in the campaign possibly hinting at some sort of symbiosis between the 2 Ridden types.
    • This does not apply to Ridden Hives as The Swarm is absent during Breaker fights, with the exception of wandering Breakers found in No Hope difficulty.
  • The Breaker heavily resembles the Tank from the Left 4 Dead series as it has a similar body type and method of attacking humans.
  • As of the Tunnels of Terror update the Breaker can spawn as a roaming boss in No Hope difficulty.